Venue & accomodation

The MESG takes places at IRMA, a part of the University of Strasbourg.
All the necessary information (email addresses & phone numbers) are available in the archives of the mailing list of the participants.


  • Large auditorium of the Mathematics and Computer Science department
  • Computer rooms

Wifi access

The campus of the University of Strasbourg is covered by the european Wifi network eduroam.  For the participants who don't have access to this network, a local wifi access will be provided for the duration of the week.


For the participants that are not from Strasbourg, the transportation will be paid by the LABEX IRMIA, and it will be handled by Ms Maurer-Spoerk. The University of Strasbourg already has agreements regarding to buying transportation tickets with the HAVAS company, it is mandatory that you request an estimate and send it quickly to Ms Maurer-Spoerk. She will then send a purchase order to HAVAS to validate the transportation. We ask you to organize your transportation as fast as possible to benefit from cheaper tickets. You can also contact them by mail.


Still for the people not living in Strasbourg, the accomodation will be taken care of by AMIES.


  • Lunch breaks will take place in the administrative restaurant, "le 32",
  • A diner is planned on wednesday evening,
  • Monday, tuesday and thursday dinners will be left to the choice of the participants (numerous restaurants are available in the city center).


Before wednesday diner and with the interested participants, we will visit the  Tomi Ungerer museum, dedicated to the artist of the same name from Strasbourg. This museum presents illustrations from the artist on 3 floors, from Children's literature to satirical works.

Interactive map of Strasbourg -- IRMA

7 Rue René Descartes

Access plan